Sep 6, 2017


TRUMBULL — Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst has received the endorsement of the Putnam Republican Town Committee in his bid for the 2018 GOP gubernatorial nomination. Putnam is the first RTC in the state to make an endorsement in the 2018 Republican contest for governor.

“I could not be more honored to receive the endorsement of Putnam Republicans,” Herbst said. “From the Quiet Corner to Fairfield County, our campaign to upend business-as-usual in Hartford is gaining momentum.”

“If we want different results from Hartford we simply must send a different type of leader to Hartford,” Herbst continued, “a Hartford outsider and proven reformer who will fight for and put Connecticut taxpayers first.”

Putnam is a town of just over 9,500 residents in Connecticut’s northeast corner, known as the “Quiet Corner.” The town is roughly 100 miles from Herbst’s hometown of Trumbull.

Putnam RTC Chairman Roy Simmons announced the group’s endorsement in a separate press release Tuesday:

The Putnam Republican Town Committee, (“Putnam RTC”), is pleased to announce their endorsement of Tim Herbst, Republican candidate for Governor of Connecticut. At the last monthly Putnam RTC meeting on 24 August 2017, the members overwhelmingly voted to support the First Selectman of Trumbull in his bid for the gubernatorial seat.

Tim Herbst has made a name for himself as a leader within the Town of Trumbull, and he is looking to take that leadership—especially fiscal leadership—right up to the State level. Keeping the town budget expenses in mind, he has refused a pension for himself once his term as First Selectman is up. Continuing on in this vein, Tim has also worked towards reducing the number of political appointees in the Town of Trumbull, thereby reducing the fiscal burden to the taxpayers.

As Governor, Herbst has promised to continue to lead by example; He will not take a state pension as governor, and would move all state agency heads, political appointees, and their staff to a defined contribution plan and off-the-state pension system. He is further demanding an end to state pensions for part-time citizen legislators in the General Assembly. A final pledge from Tim: in his run for Governor, he refuses to accept any political contributions from Hartford lobbyists.