May 19, 2018


TRUMBULL — GOP gubernatorial candidate and former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst reacted Saturday to the Democratic Party endorsement of Ned Lamont for Governor.

“I welcome a match-up with out-of-touch Malloy enabler Ned Lamont this Fall,” Herbst said. “Connecticut voters are ready for a new generation of leadership to upend business-as-usual in Hartford and save our state with fresh ideas and an optimistic vision.”

“Ned Lamont is a retread candidate from the past who has fully embraced the failed, job-crushing agenda of Gov. Malloy and is owned by big labor special interests that have bankrupt Connecticut at the expense of struggling taxpayers,” Herbst continued. “While Lamont has spent the last 12 years wasting millions of dollars in perpetual pursuit of a political career and cheerleading Gov. Malloy’s job-crushing policies, I’ve been hard at work leading by example to achieve a remarkable turnaround for taxpayers in Trumbull.”

“In order to defeat Lamont this November we simply must nominate a fresh face — a new kind of leader with a history of winning tough elections, a proven record of reform and the outsider backbone to bring fundamental change to Hartford,” Herbst said. “We cannot afford to nominate an untested, unvetted candidate or a candidate Republicans can’t trust to win, who has been on both sides of every issue of consequence depending on the political expediency of the moment.”