Mar 24, 2017


HARTFORD — He waited around for six hours and failed to jump the line waiting to testify before lawmakers, but Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst on Friday got his message to the General Assembly: they should not let lawmakers accrue their car mileage for pension benefits.

“It really is a ridiculous practice,” Herbst said. “This is about changing the culture of entitlement that is too pervasive.”

On a day where dozens of public-employee union members cooled their heels for hours to testify against proposals that would roll back their bargaining rights, Herbst took a different tack, engaging with Democrats who defended traditional pension plans. “My testimony today is focused exclusively on all of you being allowed to take mileage reimbursement and count it toward your pension calculations,” Herbst said.

Rep. Toni Walker, D-New Haven, gently scolded Herbst for trying to move up in line on a day where dozens of people sat and stood for many hours to testify for three minutes. “Oh and by the way I understood that you wanted to go ahead of some of the people,” she told Herbst. “We don’t allow people to jump the lines.”

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