Jun 12, 2018


TRUMBULL — The morning after the first GOP gubernatorial debate of the primary, Republican candidate and former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst called on the other Republican candidates for governor to stop dodging additional contests.

“Last night’s debate was a substantive discussion of ideas and a chance for each of us to lay out our differing records and vision for the voters,” Herbst said. “There are many more topics to address and Republican voters simply deserve many more opportunities to vet the candidates and to see a deeper dive into our records and the issues.”

“I have repeatedly called for the other candidates in this race to agree to additional debates for the benefit of Republican voters,” Herbst continued. “Every single one of my opponents has dodged the challenge and opportunity to showcase why they are worthy of the voters’ support.”

“In this critical election for the future of our state, Republican voters need to know which candidate they can trust to win in November, bring fundamental change to Hartford and fight for their values,” he noted. “I am the only candidate who has repeatedly demonstrated my eagerness and willingness to share my record and vision with the voters.”

“At some point, voters and the media need to ask these other candidates why they are so afraid of participating in a serious number of debates,” Herbst said.

Herbst noted Mayor Mark Boughton has refused to agree to any additional debates and was the last campaign who had refused to respond to a debate invitation from Lee Elci of 94.9 News Now as of Monday evening.

He further noted Steve Obsitnik has publicly agreed to additional contests but that he and his campaign have declined repeated attempts at contact to discuss and schedule options.

One candidate, Bob Stefanowski, has refused to appear in a single debate to-date.

“It speaks volumes about my opponents’ confidence in their record and vision that they have gone to such great lengths to avoid participating in debates,” Herbst said. “It is particularly insulting insult to voters that one candidate in this race has refused to participate in even one debate to-date. This candidate is hiding behind a campaign of poll-tested lines and TV ads to avoid answering tough questions about his record of giving thousands to liberal Democrats like Chris Dodd, not voting for any Republican candidate for office in nearly 20 years and being a registered Democrat up until the last month before he announced for governor.”

“It’s time for my opponents to stop dodging the voters and tough questions and get serious about additional primary debates,” he said.