Dec 22, 2017


TRUMBULL — GOP gubernatorial candidate and former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst today said independent candidate for governor Oz Griebel has no realistic pathway to victory in 2018 and has entered the race in an attempt solely to play spoiler to the Republican nominee.
“Oz Griebel is in this contest to try and help his friend Luke Bronin become governor by siphoning Republican votes,” Herbst said. “Voters need to know, a petition signature forOz Griebel is a vote for four more years of Gov. Malloy’s job-crushing, tax-hiking agenda,” Herbst said.
Griebel has lavished praise on Bronin, the mayor of Hartford, in the media. News reports indicate that Griebel was a generous contributor to Bronin’s campaign for mayor in 2015.
Herbst also noted Griebel has refused to rule out additional tax hikes on already struggling Connecticut families, supports tolls and did not mention unfunded liabilities, the driver of Connecticut’s fiscal crisis, in his announcement.
“Voters shouldn’t be fooled: Oz Griebel is no Republican and he is no reformer,” Herbst continued. “Griebel is a an acolyte of the Malloy agenda and a Hartford insider who is eager to protect the status quo that has kept business-as-usual humming under the Gold Dome while Connecticut families have suffered.”
“It is no coincidence that Griebel launched this independent run after Bronin formed an exploratory committee for governor,” Herbst said, “Oz Griebel is doing this to help his friend Luke Bronin win an election.”
“After eight years of failed leadership, Democrats know they have nothing to run on in 2018 and will throw as many distractions as possible into the 2018 contest to distract from their disastrous record,” Herbst said.
“Unfortunately for Gov. Malloy and his insider allies, Connecticut voters will see through their political games and have the chance to elect a proven reformer and Hartford outsider who will upend business-as-usual under the Gold Dome,” Herbst said.