Jan 31, 2018


TRUMBULL — Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst blasted a proposal from Gov. Malloy Wednesday that would dramatically increase the state gasoline tax, bring tolls to Connecticut’s highways and place a new fee on tire purchases.

“This governor has demonstrated a pathological commitment to hiking taxes and fees on struggling Connecticut families and businesses,” Herbst said. “At every juncture his insider allies in Hartford have been eager to comply.”

“Rather than consider even the most obvious, necessary and common sense reforms to trim the bloated bureaucracy in Hartford and reduce the unfunded liability burden that is pushing our state into permanent fiscal crisis, this governor has shown he will always put hardworking taxpayers last,” Herbst continued.

“Gov. Malloy’s new proposal to hike the gas tax, already the sixth highest in the nation, force tolls onto our already congested highways and place a fee on the purchase of new tires is an insult to struggling Connecticut residents,” Herbst said. “Thousands of struggling Connecticut taxpayers have tried to remain here, make a living here or retire here despite the near-constant stream of pain caused by this governor’s agenda — and he shows no sign of slowing down in his last year in office,” Herbst said.

“This raises the stakes for 2018 because Connecticut desperately needs a proven reformer and Hartford outsider who will upend the status quo in Hartford and begin dismantling the Malloy agenda on day one,” he said. “Struggling Connecticut families, businesses and retirees need a champion who will fight for them — rather than for the broken culture of entitlement in Hartford.”