Feb 5, 2018


TRUMBULL — Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst urged lawmakers in the General Assembly to reject a budget proposal unveiled by Gov. Malloy Monday that would raise taxes an additional $190 million, jeopardize health care for thousands of seniors and disabled residents, savagely slash municipal aid and rely on budget gimmicks to artificially balance the budget — all while continuing to ignore the root drivers of Connecticut’s ongoing fiscal crisis: unfunded liabilities and out-of-control spending.

“This latest proposal showcases why, more than ever, Gov. Malloy is the most unpopular governor in the nation,” Herbst said.

“This proposal to hike taxes on already struggling Connecticut taxpayers an additional $190 million and jeopardize health care for seniors and the disabled is disgraceful and should be dead-on-arrival at the legislature,” Herbst said.

“From top to bottom this plan is more of what we’ve come to expect from Gov. Malloy and his insider allies: tax hikes on struggling taxpayers, savage cuts to municipal aid (that will result in property tax hikes), budget gimmicks that artificially balance the budget while papering over the rot at Connecticut’s fiscal core and cuts to programs that actually help people, rather than reform to bloated and ineffective state agencies,” Herbst said.

“As I said when the governor floated his gas tax hike last week, Gov. Malloy has demonstrated a pathological commitment to hiking taxes and fees on struggling Connecticut families and businesses,” Herbst said. “Malloy’s tenure in office has also demonstrated the lengths insiders in Hartford are willing to go to bypass even the most obvious, necessary and common sense reforms to the bloated bureaucracy in Hartford and reduce the unfunded liability burden that is pushing our state into permanent fiscal crisis.”

“It is time for Connecticut voters to say ‘enough-is-enough,'” Herbst continued. “That begins by nominating a proven reformer and Hartford outsider to defeat Gov. Malloy’s handpicked successor in November and driving from office every insider under the Gold Dome who has enabled Malloy’s job-crushing agenda.”