Jan 23, 2018


TRUMBULL — Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst blasted a proposal from Rep. Jason Rojas (D-East Hartford) Tuesday that would increase the state gas tax by another 4 cents. The proposal was quickly praised by a spokesman for Gov. Malloy.

“When are insiders in Hartford going to realize that the solution to every problem they generate is not to hike taxes on already struggling Connecticut families?” Herbst asked. “Enough is enough.”

“The Special Transportation Fund has gone broke, despite a historically low cost of debt service, because of mismanagement by the Malloy administration that has allowed operational costs to balloon at the same time the DOT under Commissioner Redicker’s leadership has failed to properly forecast these long term financial obligations,” Herbst said.

“It is critical that we adequately fund transportation projects and undertake new, ambitious efforts to improve our transportation infrastructure, but in order to pay for that we need to put the Connecticut Department of Transportation on a new, pork free diet and tackle Connecticut’s budget crisis that is being driven by out-of-control unfunded liabilities,” Herbst continued.

“In light of the spike in operational costs at the DOT, that have placed funding for critical projects at risk, as Governor I will order a full and complete forensic audit of Connecticut DOT and Special Transportation Fund on day one,” Herbst said.

“This plan to slap struggling Connecticut families and businesses with another hike to the state gasoline tax is asking taxpayers to bail out poor decisions and poor leadership from Secretary Barnes and Commissioner Redicker and it is insulting to the taxpayers of the State of Connecticut,” he said.

Herbst also ripped independent candidate for governor Oz Griebel for suggesting Friday that legislators should consider implementing a mileage tax to fund transportation projects.

“It should be a no-brainer for voters to reject any candidate who believes the solution to the state’s problems is taxing already struggling Connecticut residents for every mile they drive, including to and from work,” Herbst said.

“Endorsing the radical and regressive mileage tax shows just how in-line Oz Griebel is with the tax-hiking, job-crushing agenda of Democratic insiders in Hartford,” he said.  “Mr. Griebel’s proposal is reckless and is illustrative of how out of touch he is with the people of Connecticut.”