Sep 4, 2017


So impervious to the damage caused by their agenda have Democratic insiders in Hartford become that they did not even attempt restraint after voting to protect excessive and lavish perks for themselves and big labor special interests.

After passing the bogus SEBAC deal, legislators under the Gold Dome promptly proposed yet another crushing tax hike aimed right at struggling Connecticut families. Unable and unwilling to trim the bloated bureaucracy in Hartford or reform the extravagant benefits afforded to insiders and big labor, Democratic leaders want to implement a $1 billion tax increase by hiking the sales tax to 6.85 percent.

An increase to the state sales tax would hit the most vulnerable in Connecticut the hardest: the poor, retirees and anyone living on a fixed income. These are the taxpayers who’ve already been hit the hardest by the failed leadership and misguided priorities in Hartford.

Just during the seven years our state has suffered under the administration of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, insiders in Hartford have brought our state to its knees with the two largest tax hikes in state history.

These Democrats in Hartford are addicted to a job-crushing, tax-hiking agenda that keeps the status quo intact for insiders, big labor special interests and the bloated bureaucracy while throttling opportunity for struggling Connecticut families, businesses and retirees.

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