Jul 17, 2017


First Selectman Tim Herbst’s gubernatorial campaign is closing in on qualifying for funding through the state’s Citizens Election Program, raising just over $65,000 in the last three months to end June about $100,000 short of the required $250,000. Candidates who raise $250,000 in qualifying donations are eligible to receive $1.4 million in state funds for a primary campaign, and another $6.5 million to the nominees for the general election. Qualifying donations must be in increments of $100 or less, and 90% must come from state residents.

“Our strong fund-raising numbers are a reflection of the tremendous amount of support among Connecticut voters for a proven reformer and Hartford outsider in this race,” Herbst said. “With this second strong quarter of fund-raising we are in tremendous shape to finish raising the necessary qualifying funds by early 2018. We can then turn our attention to winning support at the GOP convention and bringing our message to voters statewide.”

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