Feb 17, 2018


TRUMBULL — GOP gubernatorial candidate and former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst called Saturday for the resignation of UCONN President Susan Herbst in light of controversy over the university’s decision to end its sports programming relationship with WTIC. WTIC executives charge the university made the decision to end the 16 year relationship because the station refused to cut conservative programming.

“Susan Herbst’s tenure has been marked by a relentless drive to transform UCONN from an institution meant to serve and educate Connecticut’s young people into an activist organization for Gov. Malloy’s failed liberal policies,” Herbst said.

“The notion that UCONN will not allow school sports to be broadcast on a radio station because that station also airs conservative programming is an appalling assault on free speech and open thought for a public institution,” Herbst continued.

Herbst pointed to Susan Herbst’s recent partisan activism during a heated budget debate in Hartford as further evidence of her politicization of the university. Susan Herbst staged a September press conference with Gov. Malloy and Democratic legislators in Groton designed to attack GOP lawmakers.

“If Susan Herbst was a capable leader of our state’s flagship university system she would be focused on properly managing UCONN’s budget,” Herbst said. “Instead, she has locked arms with Gov. Malloy to intimidate lawmakers into giving UCONN more taxpayer money as she continues to give huge raises to campus administrators.”

“Susan Herbst believes struggling Connecticut taxpayers should sacrifice more to boost UCONN’s budget while she grants her staff big raises and treats Storrs like her own personal Versailles, with university-provided houses, vehicles and drivers,” he said.

“Susan Herbst has become a fundamental part of the problem in Connecticut and a key ally of the insiders in Hartford who have wreaked havoc on our state’s economy,” Herbst said. “She simply must go.”