Jan 2, 2018


TRUMBULL — GOP gubernatorial candidate and former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst pledged Tuesday to support the eventual Republican nominee for governor, even if it is not him, and called on every other Republican seeking the office to do the same.
“I am committed to supporting the Republican nominee for governor, even if it is not ultimately me,” Herbst said, “and I am calling on all the other GOP candidates for governor to make the same pledge.”

“This is our last chance to save Connecticut from the job-crushing agenda of Democratic insiders in Hartford,” Herbst said, “GOP primary voters deserve to know which candidates are in this contest to fight for real change and which are engaged in a vanity project.”

“This election is more important than any one individual and too much is at stake for Republicans to not stand together, ready to fight with everything we have in the fall,” Herbst said.

“It should be a no brainer for every Republican in this race to join me in pledging to support the eventual nominee,” Herbst continued.

“Any candidate who cannot make that simple promise is proving they hold their own ego or political self-interest above what is right for Connecticut families,” Herbst said. “If a candidate cannot agree to support the nominee, even if it is not them, it should be a disqualifier for GOP voters,” he said.

Herbst noted several losing GOP primary candidates in recent statewide contests did little to help the Republican standard bearers during the general election and some barely hid their disdain for the party’s nominee.

“Republicans are tired of candidates with big egos who pack up their toys and go home when they lose a primary,” Herbst said, “Connecticut voters want candidates committed to the cause and willing to put change above themselves.”