Nov 17, 2017


TRUMBULL — Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst, a Republican candidate for governor in 2018, campaigned Saturday with GOP candidates for local office in Middletown, Enfield and Cromwell. The Saturday blitz brought the total number of cities and towns where Herbst has personally knocked on doors to support local Republicans in the Nov. 7 elections up to eight.

“Local Republican leaders form the lifeblood of our party,” Herbst said. “While Connecticut has suffered under one-party Democratic rule at the state level for seven years, Republicans at the local level have provided an alternative and refreshing brand of leadership,” he said.

Republicans currently control 91 of Connecticut’s 169 cities and towns — 54 percent of the total municipalities in the state.

“GOP leaders in dozens of cities and towns under across Connecticut have proven Republican policies lead to better outcomes for taxpayers,” Herbst said. “While at the same time Democratic insiders in Hartford have pushed our state into perpetual fiscal crisis,” he continued.

“I’ve had a blast campaigning all over the state, from Groton to Stamford and from Trumbull to Enfield, with tremendous Republican candidates who will do great things for their towns and cities,” Herbst said. “I urge every concerned Connecticut taxpayer to get out and vote on Nov. 7 for their local Republican ticket,” Herbst continued.

Local GOP candidates and party leaders thanked Herbst for coming out to support their campaigns.

“Thank you Tim for coming out to Enfield and helping support the Republicans with their final push to victory,” said Enfield RTC chair Mary Ann Turner.

‘It is important having Tim support us as we are running to increase transparency in government and increase prosperity in our town, said former Middletown Mayor Seb Giuliano, “Tim understands we need to do this at the state level.”

“Thanks to Tim for coming and helping us continue to build the bridge to the future,” said Cromwell Mayor Enzo Faienza.

In addition to Middletown, Enfield and Cromwell, Herbst has campaigned on the ground for local GOP candidates in Stamford, Trumbull, Tolland, Groton and Norwalk.