Mar 29, 2018


TRUMBULL — GOP gubernatorial candidate and former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst ripped Gov. Malloy Thursday after the governor accused Democratic State Sen. Joan Hartley of homophobia and questioned her religious beliefs following Hartley’s vote against Malloy’s nomination of Justice Andrew McDonald to be Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court.

“Gov. Malloy’s grossly offensive attack on a member of his own party should outrage every concerned citizen in Connecticut, regardless of party affiliation,” Herbst said.

“For Gov. Malloy to make totally unfounded accusations of bigotry and question a person’s religious beliefs during this Holy Week, simply because they did not bow to his political bullying, is disgraceful and demands an apology,” Herbst continued.

“Sen. Hartley, like the 18 other senators who voted against Malloy’s flawed pick to lead our judicial system, voted her conscience,” Herbst said. “Sen. Hartley took a principled stand to protect the integrity of our courts knowing full well the reaction such a vote would likely provoke from our unhinged governor — that is a sign of real courage.”

“Malloy’s meltdown over not getting his way once again exposes the culture of entitlement that has grown so prevalent in Hartford during his tenure,” Herbst said. “It will take a proven reformer and Hartford outsider to dismantle that mentality, reverse the disastrous agenda of Malloy and his insider allies and restore prosperity and unity to our state.”

“The kind of explosive and immature anger shown by Malloy over this failed nomination is reminiscent of an incident that raised questions about McDonald’s own temperament to lead the court that involved another female Democratic senator,” Herbst noted.

“Whether in the executive branch or the judiciary, Connecticut deserves leaders who do not bully, intimidate and scream to try to get their way — but rather lead by example and fight with passion for the people,” he said.