Dec 15, 2017


Republican candidates for governor said Friday that the state needs to solve its transportation problems in order to kick-start the economy and create jobs across the state.

In front of more than 300 people that included union members and business leaders from chambers of commerce, 10 candidates spoke separately for about 10 minutes each.

The candidates covered a variety of issues in wide-ranging remarks, and none of them criticized any of their fellow Republicans by name. No one delivered any knockout punches.

The large Republican field includes candidates who have never held public office and have little name recognition statewide. As a result, some were introducing themselves for the first time to some in the crowd.

Former Trumbull first selectman Timothy Herbst said he was facing “enormous’’ problems when he was elected eight year ago, but he cut taxes twice and poured more money into the pension fund. But Herbst has developed enemies among Democrats, and he survived an unexpectedly close race two years ago in his final term as first selectman.

Connecticut needs to improve its transportation system like states such as Tennessee, he said.

“They’re investing in their infrastructure,’’ Herbst told the crowd. “They make it a priority.’’

“We have to stop playing gimmicks with the Special Transportation Fund,’’ Herbst said. “I am prepared to be a one-term governor’’ if tough decisions prompt him to lose his bid for re-election.

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