Tim believes it is unacceptable that a state as beautiful as Connecticut is ranked 47th in overall infrastructure. The failure of Hartford to maintain roads, bridges and trains impacts the quality of life of many Connecticut residents and also inhibits our ability to retain and attract new businesses seeking to grow in the Nutmeg State.

There are crowded and dilapidated trains on Metro-North, there are crumbling bridges all over the state and the roads are covered in pot holes. Tim will end the practice of raiding the special transportation fund which insiders in Hartford use as a piggy bank to pay for their pet projects.

Connecticut is not able to compete with surrounding states that are making the necessary investments into their infrastructure. He will greatly invest in repairing our crumbling infrastructure and expand capital improvement projects to alleviate congestion, increase driver safety and make our transportation system more efficient.

We will maintain and modernize our infrastructure to ensure the safety of our citizens and reliability for the future. Businesses will not relocate to a state in which its workers will spend hours in traffic or get stuck on broken down trains. Tim’s investments in infrastructure will make Connecticut more competitive.