Tim Herbst: Show Up at Debates or Get Out of Race

Attend the next debate or get out of the race.

That’s what former Trumbull first selectman Timothy Herbst is saying to four fellow Republican candidates who last week missed the first major gubernatorial debate of the campaign season.

Herbst, who participated along with six other candidates on the stage at Windsor High School, said the debates are a high priority in choosing the Republican nominee to attempt to succeed Democrat Dannel P. Malloy in the governor’s office.

“My thoughts are that we are a state that is in crisis — fiscal crisis, infrastructure crisis — and if you want to be the CEO of a state in crisis, you have an obligation to go before the voters,’’ Herbst told Capitol Watch. “What bothers me is there are candidates that are making sweeping promises to voters, yet they will not get on a stage and articulate what they are going to do. We have politicians telling people what they want to hear, rather than having leaders telling people what they need to hear.’’


He added, “They need to either show up or get out of the race. It’s that simple.’’

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