Tax Reform

Tim's position on taxes is very clear: he will veto any new tax hikes and reduce taxes for struggling Connecticut residents.

The tax-hiking agenda of Governor Malloy and his insider allies in Hartford have placed an unfair burden on struggling Connecticut workers, retirees and businesses.

This tax burden drives away taxpayers and jobs and harms the quality of life for all citizens. Connecticut lost a net 200 jobs in 2016, while neighboring states all experienced significant job growth.

The status quo is unacceptable.

To immediately provide relief to Connecticut workers, retirees and families Tim will:

- Eliminate the income tax for anyone making $75,000 or less

- Eliminate the business entity tax and cut corporate rates to help job creators and


- Abolish the estate or "death" tax

- Abolish the tax on social security and retirement income

- Identify and eliminate any tax that costs more to collect than it generates

- Identify all other areas where the tax burden can be responsibly reduced


Creating a better future for Connecticut starts by stopping the tax-hiking, job-crushing agenda of insiders in Hartford. By reducing the tax burden, Tim will make our state a better place to live, work and retire.