Running for governor: In fiery speech, Tim Herbst says he’s ‘in it to win it’

TRUMBULL — A fired-up Tim Herbst on Thursday said he intends to be the state’s next governor, saying he intends to “take on the corrupt gold-dome culture” and “root out waste, fraud and abuse at every level” of state government.

“I’m telling everyone here today that the telling-it-like-is-tour starts today!” Herbst told about 125 supporters crowded into the atrium of Trumbull High School, where he graduated 19 years ago.

The first selectman of Trumbull said if elected, he would not accept a state pension and pledged he would make some big changes — such as eliminating the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

“It is time to clean out all the privileges and perks,” he said. “It is time to clean out the sense of entitlement and the big egos.”

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