Job Creation

Tim understands that government doesn’t create jobs, the private sector does.. Our state government should be creating the welcoming, supportive and predictable environment for businesses to thrive and generate opportunity. Unfortunately, jobcrushing regulations, damaging tax hikes and irresponsible budgeting have cause both small and large businesses to flee our state, to freeze hiring or expansion that have kept wages stagnant.

To get wages rising, attract new jobs and investment and create opportunity in Connecticut, Tim will reduce the tax burden on businesses and workers, improve our technical school system, enhance job training programs, and perhaps most importantly, reduce,reform and eliminate duplicative and excessive regulations. Tim will also tackle the protracted and sustained budgetary crises Connecticut has endured these last seven years, to restore predicability and confidence to our state.

As a municipal leader in Trumbull, Tim made the town welcoming for businesses and job creators. He tackled huge unfunded liabilities to get Trumbull’s fiscal house in order and he kept the tax rate stable, delivering two tax cuts during his tenure. Under Tim's leadership, town services and schools became extremely strong, providing an added incentive for businesses to locate in Trumbull.