Herbst: ‘To make a difference, you get in the game’

Tim Herbst overlooked the crowd at Trumbull High School, where he once graduated 19 years ago, took a breath, then announced to his supporters his ambitions as the candidate for the governor of Connecticut.

And as the 36 year-old Republican, and four-term first selectman of Trumbull put it, “The telling it like it is tour starts today.”

His run for office will signal the end of almost a decade as first selectman.

“Now is not the time for political gamesmanship or gimmicks,” Herbst said. “The people of our state deserve honest, straight forward leadership and need experienced reformers who are willing to make the tough calls to enact real change. As the son of a coach, I have grown up knowing that you don’t move the chains down the field by sitting on the sidelines. To make a difference, you get in the game.”

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