Herbst Rips Hartford Bailout: Malloy's Latest Slap in the Face to Connecticut Taxpayers

TRUMBULL -- GOP gubernatorial candidate and former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst sharply criticized a finalized $550 million state bailout for the City of Hartford that was announced Thursday.

"While most Connecticut cities and towns have responsibly managed their finances, despite savage cuts from Hartford, the city run by Gov. Malloy's hand-picked successor for governor has barreled toward bankruptcy on the expectation of a bailout from struggling Connecticut taxpayers," Herbst said.

"It is the latest slap in the face to struggling Connecticut taxpayers for Gov. Malloy and his insider allies in Hartford to hand an irresponsibly managed city a $550 million bailout, while simultaneously proposing new damaging tax hikes and fees and further savage cuts to education for dozens of well-managed municipalities to close the state budget deficit," Herbst continued.

"Our entire state is barreling toward the same bankrupt fate as the capital city if we do not elect a proven reformer and Hartford outsider to tackle Connecticut's fiscal crisis head-on, upend business-as-usual under the Gold Dome and reverse the job-crushing agenda of the last eight years," Herbst said. "It's long past time for Connecticut taxpayers to have a champion for them rather than the broken status quo in Hartford."