Herbst Qualifies For Public Financing In Governor's Race

Republican Tim Herbst, the former first selectman of Trumbull, has surpassed $250,000 in small-dollar donations, putting him in position to qualify for public campaign financing as he seeks his party’s gubernatorial nomination.

“Having cleared this key hurdle, we can now turn our full attention to the case for a new generation of leadership in Connecticut to Republican activists at the convention and GOPvoters in the primary beyond,” Herbst said in a written statement Wednesday.

Under the state’s Citizens’ Election Program, gubernatorial candidates need to raise a quarter of a million dollars in donations of $100 or less with 90 percent of the money coming from Connecticut residents to receive millions in taxpayer-financed election grants. Participants in the program receive $1.25 million if they qualify for a primary election and $6 million for their general election campaign.

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