Herbst: Hartford harming the most vulnerable in Connecticut

The feckless leadership of Hartford insiders is now directly harming the most vulnerable Connecticut residents. Incapable of tackling our crushing unfunded liability crisis due to their blind subservience to big-labor special interests, Governor Malloy and his allies have begun to make catastrophic and poorly conceived cutbacks to some services as they struggle to finalize a budget. In the process, they have shirked their responsibility to pursue long term reform.

For example, our state government has failed to bring real reform to the most dysfunctional state agency — the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. Modernization of existing services and streamlining operations has been put to the back of the line in favor of bloated, inefficient operations that make Connecticut residents wait in line for hours. Rather than taking on the real problems, the governor has instead sought quick savings from furlough days of state disability workers — those that care for of our most vulnerable citizens.

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