Herbst: Déjà Vu in Connecticut: Malloy Pushes New Tax Hikes, Savage Local Cuts

TRUMBULL -- GOP gubernatorial candidate and former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst sharply criticized a proposal sent by Gov. Malloy to the General Assembly Wednesday that suggests a hike in the state sales tax and large cuts to municipal aid to close a projected $208 million budget.

"Gov. Malloy and his insider allies in Hartford are at it again," Herbst said. "Connecticut once again faces a massive budget deficit and Gov. Malloy is rushing to demand more tax hikes on struggling Connecticut families and savage cuts to local services that keep our communities strong."

"Rather than trim the bloated bureaucracy and out of control spending in Hartford, the governor wants to punish well-managed towns and cities by slashing their funding and demand more from exhausted Connecticut taxpayers," Herbst said.

"It's déjà vu in Connecticut: Democratic lawmakers kick the can on spending and unfunded liabilities, the state opens a huge budget deficit and Gov. Malloy demands more tax hikes and misguided cuts to well-managed towns," Herbst said.

"This cycle of destruction pushed by Malloy and his insider allies for eight years has wrought terrible damage on our economy and pushed many Connecticut taxpayers to the brink," Herbst continued.

"If we are going to end the tax-hiking, job-crushing agenda of Malloy and his insider allies we simply must elect a proven reformer and Hartford outsider who will tackle our unfunded liabilities and out of control spending head-on," Herbst said.

"That's what voters will get from me: A leader who's willing to level with them about the scale of the challenges we face and what I intend to do to fix them," he said.