Herbst Criticizes Boughton for Channeling Elizabeth Warren's Class Warfare Rhetoric

TRUMBULL -- GOP gubernatorial candidate and former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst sharply criticized Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton Monday for engaging in class warfare during a Sunday interview with WFSB's Dennis House. During the interview, Boughton described Democratic candidate Ned Lamont as "somebody born with a silver spoon in their mouth, part of the one-percent that has pillaged this state and the rest of the country."

"Republicans are never going to defeat the Democrats by channeling their divisive rhetoric that demonizes success," Herbst said. "Republicans simply cannot afford to nominate a candidate who thinks the way to win in November or fix Connecticut is to channel the politics of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren."

"We won't defeat Ned Lamont because he's rich, we'll defeat Ned Lamont because he's an out-of-touch retread candidate from the past who has fully embraced the job-crushing agenda of Gov. Malloy and is owned by big labor special interests that have bankrupt Connecticut at the expense of struggling taxpayers," Herbst continued.

"Republicans celebrate success, we don't demonize it," he said. "As Connecticut's next governor, I will stand by our business people and business owners who will be critical partners in restoring prosperity to our state and bringing tax relief to hardworking families."