Tim believes our schools are critical to maximizing the growth and potential of the next generation.

Yet Governor Malloy and insiders in Hartford have continually floated catastrophic cuts to education in order to bail out their fiscal irresponsibility. That is unacceptable. Supporting strong schools is a crucial element to retaining and attracting business in our state and to making Connecticut a special place to raise a family.

Over the last eight years, Tim increased funding for public education each year. Tim implemented full day kindergarten, expanded advanced placement course offerings, diversified technology in the classroom, increased funding for curriculum development and brought the needed reform to modernize Trumbull’s nine schools. As the son of public educators, Tim believes education is the foundation for supporting the next generation. Trumbull’s public school system has earned state and national recognition. In 2011, Trumbull was ranked the 7th best Town in the nation to raise a family by Family Circle Magazine. In 2013, Coldwell Banker ranked Trumbull the Number 1 booming community in Connecticut. And in 2016, named Trumbull as one of the top ten most in-demand school districts in the nation.

Tim will ensure towns are provided the resources they need to educate our children and create the competitive workforce a modern economy demands.