Community Safety

Connecticut under Governor Malloy has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of uniformed police officers at the state and local level and his “early release program” has put our communities in danger. This governor has used a decrease in overall crime to paper-over rising rates of violent crime, including rapes and murders, in Connecticut.

The early release program pushed by this governor has already set free more than 21,000 criminals from Connecticut correctional facilities, more than half of whom were violent offenders, according to Malloy's own administration.

Tim will end this disastrous program and provide law enforcement with whatever resources they require to protect Connecticut residents.

As Trumbull’s chief executive, Tim increased funding for public safety each year, increased the number of officers on the street, expanding the Town’s K-9 program to fight crime and drugs, put a school resource officer program into each of Trumbull’s schools and reformed the Town’s emergency management systems to better protect the public. In 2014, Trumbull was ranked the fourth safest municipality in the State of Connecticut.