Balance the Budget

Hartford’s business-as-usual attitude has to be stopped. Connecticut has billions in unfunded obligations and debt. Rather than pursue real reforms to reduce these burdens or to trim a bloated state government, insiders in Hartford continue to advocate for tax hikes on struggling families, retirees and businesses. This is after they passed the two largest tax increases in state history at the insistence of Governor Malloy.

As a proven reformer, Tim believes it is past time to make the tough decisions to tackle our long-term liabilities. We must fund services people rely on in Connecticut but eliminate and consolidate areas of government that are duplicative or ineffective.

Tim will start the reform of state government by dismantling the DMV and rebuilding the department from top to bottom to better serve Connecticut residents.

The state budget deficit is estimated to be over $5 billion dollars over the next two years. It is reckless and shameful to pass this burden on to the next generation, our children. This kind of fiscal irresponsibility also causes uncertainty that has led major employers such as GE, and now Aetna, to leave our state.

Tim believes if we want to stop the cycle of fiscal crisis, we must stop using budget gimmicks and tax-hikes to bail out the irresponsibility of insiders in Hartford.